WJST Jet Set Radio Station Of The Month! April 2022!
WJST Jet Set Radio Station Of The Year Runner Up! 2022!

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Peter Skiera

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Station of The Year- Runner Up 2022!

New for this year I created a “Runner-Up” category. I’m naming WJST, Jet Set Radio, in Lexington, Kentucky as Runner-Up Station of The Year.

WJST airs vintage easy listening reel-to-reel tapes compiled exclusively for commercial airline passengers’ listening pleasure. Station founder Chris Richards built up a collection of these original American Airlines stereo tapes from the mid-1960’s to early 1970’s and also mixes in exotica, lounge, and bossa nova sounds from other reel-to-reels in his collection. You’ll even hear occasional “announcements” from the WJST flight crew. WJST’s unique source of programming combined with Richards’ passion for the format made WJST the clear choice for runner-up.

“WJST Jet Set Radio is incredibly honored and thrilled, to receive this beautiful award!”, Founder and Program Director Chris Richards wrote me. “To be the very first internet radio station to receive Runner Up from Recommended Stations is another incredible milestone for both! An entire group effort, out of the many thousands of other internet radio stations. WJST Jet Set Radio desires to be the station for the long-term Jet Set Flyer. With improvements to the music programming, we hope you will always stay! Come along and fly with us to your dream destination! Know that Tomorrow Is Always Another Day. Thank you for your continued listening!” ---Peter Skiera